Week 3: 11/20/2011

Body Fat Index: 24.0% (-0.5%)
Weight: 248 lb (-3.5)
# of Workouts (past week): 4 (0)

Taking creatine half an hour before workout only
Taking multivitamin in morning
Taking protein shake only after work out (whole serving)

Average heart rate during cardio: 170-175
Average cardio time per workout: 1 hour
Average lifting time per workout: 1 hour 30 minutes
Average daily calorie intake: 1700 – 2000

Breakfast: Oat meal with skim milk or small bowl of regular cheerios
Snack 1: 1/2 serving of tuna with lite mayo
Lunch: Different everyday (average 300-700 calories) mostly roasted turkey subs (no cheese w/ lots of vegetables)
Dinner: Different everyday (average  200 – 400 calories) tuna with lite mayo

I think I have been skewing my BFI stats the first 2 weeks because I only went down .5% over this past week. The reason why I believe so is because this time around when I measured it, I did it before my workout, while the weeks prior I did it after. When calculating the BFI it uses your current weight and before working out I am noticeably less weight than after because of the amount of water I drink during my workout (typically 4 to 6 bottles). I am going to keep measuring before my workout so I don’t further skew my results. On another note, I finally reached the 240’s!  Yay!


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