Week 9: 1/7/2012

Quick update today:

Body fat: 21.4%
Weight: 238 lb

I started throwing in some mouy thai (kickboxing) into my cardio recently – about 20 minutes of good kicking, punching, etc which turns out to be really fun and a GREAT workout. I also am off of the elliptical and am now on the treadmill (I guess my knees can hold up now without all of the weight, hehe). I do a 2/2/1/1 routine for about 24 minutes, that is 2 minutes slow (4 mph), 2 medium (6 mph), 1 high (7 mph), back to 1 medium (6 mph), and then I repeat the process two more times. According to the treadmill I burn about 400 calories from it.

Im still taking the same supplements, but I will be cycling off of everything this saturday as my “cutting” phase kicks in for the competitions i’m in. It’s going to be really sad not having jack3d ='( I’ve grown to love it. I did get a new pre called Cardio Cut (from the makers of ACG3) and that has no creatine in it and is strictly a high energy/fat burner/CLA enriched supp. I’ll be on that for 6 weeks during the duration of one of the competitions, and half of the other competition. I will win!!!


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