Damn my backs lookin’ good

Im still sitting around 18% BF – because im using the Omron scanner it isn’t really accurate so it can literally fluctuate a lot. Lowest ive seen it is 17.4% and highest is 19.0% so im just going to guess im still hovering around 18% bf. My weight shot back up a lot over the past week and a half since I started bulking (sitting at around 225), so i’ve added about 5lb’s of muscle. I was amazed at the cut in my back so i snapped a picture to share lol.



I’ve been ridiculously busy with work and preparing for a speech at a major tech conference down here in south Florida so haven’t had time to post on here, nor as much time to spend at the gym. Today marks my first day being back to bulking (YAY!). 5 weeks of cutting has brought me down to 18% body fat and 220lb’s. I’ve reevaluated my target weight so my new target is at most 200, though it may not be bad being less than that depending on the muscle mass. Ill start posting again every sunday, so see ya in a few days =)