So close!

Im so close to my old goal of 200lb’s!! I also just reached my original BF% goal!

Current weight: 205
Current BF%: 14.7%

Once again it’s time to readjust my goals, so the new target:

Weight: 190lb
BF%: 10%

I’m taking quite a few different substances (vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc) which are all pretty interesting and ill be writing up a summary within the next few days so check back on that. I am almost completely stim free (no caffeine), and not taking any “workout” supps other than protein.


6 months

It’s been quite a journey as it was just over a little more than 6 months ago that I decided to change my life around and get fit. I started at around 290 lb’s and about 31% body fat – I was huge. Over the past 6 months I’ve transformed from living life as a severely obese person to one that is fit, but more than that I’ve transformed from being ignorant to being well informed in nutrition and fitness through studying and lots of trial and error. I’ve studied pretty much anything having to do with fitness – chemistry, biology, medicine, anatomy, physiology, etc. I have a new found respect for life through my studies – it’s an amazing process. The only other thing I’ve dedicated this much of my life to is computers (for those that don’t know im a software engineer).

I started out doing just cardio – and by cardio I mean jumping on the elliptical machine at my previous employers gym. I didnt really think about diet or supplements, I just decided to hit it hard and try to burn as many calories as I can. I remember the ellipticals had a weird bug in their software and the “calories burned” would always be off (though at the time I was so ignorant I actually thought I was burning that many calories).

Yes that literally says 4,027 calories. That was the highest I ever went – it took me about 3 hours to get to on the highest resistance setting the entire time. Naturally doing this a few times a week I lost a lot of pounds quickly (after about a month and a half I dropped to about 260 – around the time I started this blog).

Then I started hitting the gym.

I went through so many different kinds of workouts, supplements, diets, etc. I posted quite a bit on this blog so just look at previous posts to get an idea what I was doing. I got down to about 240 lb’s within the first couple months. Things started coming together in the middle of January when I signed up for the two fitness contests – Orange Theory and I was so motivated to win I started really studying and applying myself to working out and having proper nutrition. It’s been quite a journey. My pant size went from a size 42 down to a size 34. I went from wearing XXL (or above) in shirts down to M/L. I can take my shirt off and not be ashamed of my body (though the stretch marks from all that fat is kinda unsightly, lol). Most of all though I am full of energy. Before, I would feel terribly tired all day, no matter how much sleep I got. I had a lot of trouble sleeping and I would always be in a grumpy/bad mood. Now I have a ton of energy most days and though I still find it kind of a pain to fall asleep (I blame the stims) the sleep I do get is refreshing.

I finished up my bulk a couple weeks ago and have since stopped taking most of my supplements (protein being the only one I still use from the bulk). Today starts my 2nd cut ever (the first being when I did Orange Theory). Ill be on an 8 week cycle of Cellucor P6 and a 4 week cycle of OxyElite Pro. 4 week cut, then back to a quick 4 week bulk, and then another 4 week cut after that. Hopefully I can get my abs to show by July 4th =)

Current weight: 213

Body fat: 16%

“Everybody has the ability to transform themselves, it’s only you holding yourself back”