Killer Cardio Workout

This is a routine I got from Orange Theory Fitness (with some minor tweaks). I try to do it at least once a week and it always feels great for several days afterward.

You need to choose 3 speeds and memorize them before hand.
Base speed: (mph)
– Joggers: 4.0 to 5.5
– Runners: 5.5 and up
Push speed: +2.0 to +3.0 (mph)
All out speed: +4.0 and up (mph)

Example (mine): 6.0/8.0/12.0

Routine consists of 3x 10 minute sets:

60s base
60s push
30s base
90s push
30s base
30s all out
30s walk @ 3.0mph
30s base
90s push
30s base
60s all out
30s walk @ 3.0mph
30s base

1st set 0% incline
2nd set 1% incline
3rd set 2% incline

Let me know how it works out for you!


Workout by Joe King

Still very much a work in progress, especially legs.  Looking to incorporate negatives into legs (difficult with current equipment).  Also, might work deadlift into pull workout, or alternate squats / deadlift on leg day.  If anyone needs clarification, feel free to comment on this post and Gene will forward it on to me.  Huge emphasis on the failure part, although it’s pretty difficult!
Edit: So everyone is clear, these workouts need to be done in succession with no breaks between them (unless it says to break) and there is only one set of each – almost everything must be done to total failure. If doing this with a partner (highly recommended) try to do one person at a time.
Split 1: Push (Day 1)
Don’t aim for a particular number, try for a weight where you fail in the range of 8 – 12, unless your gym sucks like mine and doesn’t go that high.  Go at a cadence of explode up, and take about 5 seconds to go back.
Incline Bench (Dumbell / Barbell / Assisted Barbell)
This one it really depends, if you’re working out alone, it’s probably best to do the bench on the rack.  With a spot I’d recommend negatives here, (they assist as much as possible on the lift, and let you resist on the way down for ~5 reps, or until you’re useless) otherwise do 8-12 at an explode up, 5 second down pace.
Hammer Chest
If at all possible, if you’re working out with a partner do negatives.  Load up on a weight you can’t even lift, and get someone to assist on the lift, and you resist as much as you can on the negative (without a spot).  I can only manage about 5 before I feel like I’m not doing anything.  If no spotter, just do similar to the rep for Fly, aim for 8-12 (to absolute failure, and you can’t lift it anymore) at a cadence of 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down.
– 2 minute rest –
Tricep extension (I use the cable machine)
If you have a spot, once again do negatives, as many as you can until you fail.  Otherwise go at the explode on the push, and resist for 5 seconds on the negative until failure.
Bench Dips (put your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart on a bench, pull up another bench to prop up your feet and dip)
I usually put 2 45lb plates in my lap and go to failure, the reps will probably be somewhat higher here, but follow the general explode up and 5 seconds down approach for this one.
Hammer Chest Decline
Follow same instructions from Hammer Chest above.
– 2 minute rest –
(Probably the worst part of the workout begins now)
Lateral Raise
To failure, this you’ll probably have to aim for higher reps potentially over 20, for some reason increasing weights on this screws up form pretty fast.  So just keep going until you can’t lift your arms out anymore.  Cadence a little faster, explode up maybe 2 seconds down.
Overhead Shoulder Press (preferably a machine, or hammer.  Dumbells work, but are pretty difficult) –
Just go to failure, explode up, 5 second negative.
Slow cadence (5 seconds up / 5 seconds down) to failure.
To near-failure, then hold final push-up to failure.  Hopefully a lot quicker than you’d expect. Throw a 45 on your back if it seems too easy.

Split 2: Pull (Day 2)
Pull Overs
Don’t aim for a particular number, try for a weight where you fail in the range of 8 – 12 (Go until absolute failure, you cannot lift the weight anymore)
explosive lift, 2-5 second cadence on the negative
Yates Row
Same as pullovers, explosive lift, 2-5 second cadence on the negative.
Lateral Pull-down (negatives)
If at all possible, if you’re working out with a partner do negatives.
Load up on a weight you can’t even lift, and get someone to assist on the lift, and you resist as much as you can on the negative (without a spot).
If no spotter, just do similar to PullOvers/Yates row, but follow a slower cadence of 5 seconds up / 5 seconds down until failure.
– 2 minute rest –
Preacher curl (negatives)
Same as lateral pull-down.
Standing alternating curls
Same as Pull Overs.
Close grip pull-down (negatives)
Same as Lateral Pull-down.
– 2 minute rest –
Seated cable row / machine row (negatives)
Same as Lateral Pull-down.
Reverse Fly (cable or machine)
Same as PullOvers.
Body weight pull-up (hold)
Hold top of pull-up to failure.

Split 3: Legs (Day 3)
(Very difficult to go to failure and do negatives. Still working on perfecting legs)
Squats (Don’t go to failure here!!)
Slow cadence of 5 sec up/ 5 sec down.
Leg Extensions
Explode up, 2-5 second neg.  Go to failure, try to shoot for a weight that will get you in the 8-12 range.
Leg Press
Same as leg ext.
– 2 minute rest –
Walking Lunges (Don’t go to failure here!!)
Just use proper form, and a controlled pace.
Leg Curl
Same as leg ext.
Leg Press
Same as leg ext.
– 2 minute rest –
Calf raises
Slow controlled speed to failure (explode up, 2-5 second neg.)
Wall squat hold
Hold the squat position against a wall until failure.


This diet I also got from Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4 hour body” and it’s been amazingly easy to follow and has shown absolutely amazing results. This diet is not for everyone – bodybuilders especially – as it has less than the adequate protein for maintaining a lot of muscle. Bodybuilders need at least 1g per 1lb of body weight (more like 1.5g per 1lb) though you might be able to get close if you modify it a bit. Bodybuilders also need fast carbs for glycogenesis so adding in a little brown rice to this diet would do wonders.

Slow carb diet:

– No bread, pasta, or rice (including brown rice) whatsoever
– Lots of beans (pinto, black, white, etc) [primary source of slow carbs]
– Lots of vegetables (spinach, kale, broccolli, etc) [secondary source of slow carbs]
– Try to stay away from all inorganic/processed food
– Stick to chicken/fish/turkey if you decide to eat meat (I eat red meat once a week or so though because I love a good steak haha)
– Watch sodium intake (should be around 2000mg – 2500mg per day unless you do a lot of exercising in which case you will need to bump that up)
– Dont count calories (you don’t need to)
– Eat as much vegetables as you want (and I eat a TON every day – primarily kale, spinach, lettuce, broccolli, etc)
– Two meals, one day a week I will cheat and eat as much of anything I want (typically saturdays i’ll eat a ton of pizza and a terribly awesome burger for my 2 cheat meals)

I would say my ratio is at: 50%/25%/25% vegetables/beans/meat

My exercise regimen has also completely changed, but I will let my friend make a guest post on here and explain it (as he is the one who devised it). As a little teaser, its ridiculously easy and super fast to perform. 3 days a week – 20 minutes a day. I haven’t been in the gym for more than 30 minutes at a time for awhile now (which to me is awesome). I’ll get him to write something up soon and i’ll get it posted.


The following are the supplements that I take along with the cycles they are supposed to be taken. I got my inspiration from “The 4 hour body” by Tim Ferriss along with some things I added myself while learning/experimenting. I did put links to the vitamin shoppe/GNC as a guide for my friends who have been asking me about where to get the supplements. You don’t have to choose those exact products of course and I highly recommend experimenting to see what works for you.

Morning (Breakfast):
– 1x Multivitamin [vitamin shoppe]
– 1000mg or 1200mg Fish oil [vitamin shoppe]
– 1/2x Calcium [vitamin shoppe]

With every meal (including breakfast) (up to 3 meals):
– 1x Green coffee extract [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Green tea extract [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Alpa lipoic acid [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Garlic [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x L-Glutamine [vitamin shoppe]

Before bed:
– 1000mg or 1200mg Fish oil [above]
– 1x Green tea extract [above]
– 1x Alpha lipoic acid [above]
– 1x Garlic [above]
– 1x L-Glutamine [above]
– 2x (20mg) Policosanol [vitamin shoppe]
– ZMA [vitamin shoppe]
– Muscle Milk [vitamin shoppe]

Cycle 2 month on, 1 week off:
– Green tea extract
– Alpha lipoic acid
– Garlic
– L-Glutamine

Cycle 2 month on, 1 month off:
– Green coffee extract

Everything else take indefinitely.

I also take Cellucor P6 which is one of the greatest supplements ever. [gnc]
It is expensive but if you buy it with a Gold card the first week of every month you get 20% off and sometimes they run buy one get one 50% off which is a good deal.
I run it in with my green coffee extract cycle (2 months on 1 month off)

Try to take muscle milk an hour and a half before bed and then ZMA right before sleep because calcium (which is in muscle milk) interrupts the absorption of Zinc (in ZMA).

You’ll notice I dont take any creatine, pre-workouts, post-workouts, etc. and that’s because I’ve found them to be relatively useless with my diet/exercise regime. If anything I would add creatine and some BCAA’s if you are more into bodybuilding. All that other crap you really don’t need. I also take no stimulants. I tried OxyElite Pro before I got onto this regime and it really killed me because of the amount of stimulants (caffeine) in it. I would take it and literally crash after 30 minutes so I decided to give my body a break and stay stim-free until it recovers. I found I actually don’t need stims (the green tea and green coffee has very minor caffeine amounts in it) and i’m energized all day long (if for some reason i’m really dying, for example from partying all night, ill have a cup of black coffee – no cream/sugar).

So yeah that’s it for supps! I will post again shortly on my diet summary.


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on my progress and I’ve made some incredible changes!

Current weight: 195lb
Current BF: 13%

I haven’t been under 200lb’s since I was 13 years old! The day I saw 199 on the scale I almost choked up it was such a glorious moment! From there I actually dropped very quickly due to my new diet and got down to low 190, but it was too much muscle loss and I looked kind of “stringy” so I did a clean bulk back up to 195 and this is where I’ve been sitting for the past month or so – slowly chipping away fat while building muscle to compensate. I’m even starting to see the outline of my abs which is realllllly exciting! I dont think I’ve ever seen them at any point in my life, haha.

I will make a couple posts within the next few hours on the supplement regimen I am on as well as explaining my diet.

I am in the process of getting a couple different personal training certifications along with a friend of mine. We are doing it just for fun and to learn, but we have an idea on a non-profit business for getting America fit and healthy that we are going to be exploring once we complete our certifications. Being a programmer is going to help us, hopefully, achieve that goal. If I can help just one person to achieve their goals like I did I will feel like i’ve accomplished something great!

Diet/supps posts incoming momentarily.