The following are the supplements that I take along with the cycles they are supposed to be taken. I got my inspiration from “The 4 hour body” by Tim Ferriss along with some things I added myself while learning/experimenting. I did put links to the vitamin shoppe/GNC as a guide for my friends who have been asking me about where to get the supplements. You don’t have to choose those exact products of course and I highly recommend experimenting to see what works for you.

Morning (Breakfast):
– 1x Multivitamin [vitamin shoppe]
– 1000mg or 1200mg Fish oil [vitamin shoppe]
– 1/2x Calcium [vitamin shoppe]

With every meal (including breakfast) (up to 3 meals):
– 1x Green coffee extract [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Green tea extract [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Alpa lipoic acid [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x Garlic [vitamin shoppe]
– 1x L-Glutamine [vitamin shoppe]

Before bed:
– 1000mg or 1200mg Fish oil [above]
– 1x Green tea extract [above]
– 1x Alpha lipoic acid [above]
– 1x Garlic [above]
– 1x L-Glutamine [above]
– 2x (20mg) Policosanol [vitamin shoppe]
– ZMA [vitamin shoppe]
– Muscle Milk [vitamin shoppe]

Cycle 2 month on, 1 week off:
– Green tea extract
– Alpha lipoic acid
– Garlic
– L-Glutamine

Cycle 2 month on, 1 month off:
– Green coffee extract

Everything else take indefinitely.

I also take Cellucor P6 which is one of the greatest supplements ever. [gnc]
It is expensive but if you buy it with a Gold card the first week of every month you get 20% off and sometimes they run buy one get one 50% off which is a good deal.
I run it in with my green coffee extract cycle (2 months on 1 month off)

Try to take muscle milk an hour and a half before bed and then ZMA right before sleep because calcium (which is in muscle milk) interrupts the absorption of Zinc (in ZMA).

You’ll notice I dont take any creatine, pre-workouts, post-workouts, etc. and that’s because I’ve found them to be relatively useless with my diet/exercise regime. If anything I would add creatine and some BCAA’s if you are more into bodybuilding. All that other crap you really don’t need. I also take no stimulants. I tried OxyElite Pro before I got onto this regime and it really killed me because of the amount of stimulants (caffeine) in it. I would take it and literally crash after 30 minutes so I decided to give my body a break and stay stim-free until it recovers. I found I actually don’t need stims (the green tea and green coffee has very minor caffeine amounts in it) and i’m energized all day long (if for some reason i’m really dying, for example from partying all night, ill have a cup of black coffee – no cream/sugar).

So yeah that’s it for supps! I will post again shortly on my diet summary.


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