It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on my progress and I’ve made some incredible changes!

Current weight: 195lb
Current BF: 13%

I haven’t been under 200lb’s since I was 13 years old! The day I saw 199 on the scale I almost choked up it was such a glorious moment! From there I actually dropped very quickly due to my new diet and got down to low 190, but it was too much muscle loss and I looked kind of “stringy” so I did a clean bulk back up to 195 and this is where I’ve been sitting for the past month or so – slowly chipping away fat while building muscle to compensate. I’m even starting to see the outline of my abs which is realllllly exciting! I dont think I’ve ever seen them at any point in my life, haha.

I will make a couple posts within the next few hours on the supplement regimen I am on as well as explaining my diet.

I am in the process of getting a couple different personal training certifications along with a friend of mine. We are doing it just for fun and to learn, but we have an idea on a non-profit business for getting America fit and healthy that we are going to be exploring once we complete our certifications. Being a programmer is going to help us, hopefully, achieve that goal. If I can help just one person to achieve their goals like I did I will feel like i’ve accomplished something great!

Diet/supps posts incoming momentarily.


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