Where i’m at

Been awhile since I’ve made a post on my progress so I thought it’s about that time. I’ve changed directions quite a bit (in a good way) and will talk about that after the stats:

Current weight: 194 lb
Current body fat: 11.6%

I’m seeing my upper 4 abs & obliques now which is nice, but unfortunately i’m going to need to get surgery in order to remove all of the excess stretched skin caused from being so obese in order to get those last couple of abs to show.  =(

So what about that change in direction? I decided i’m going to attempt an Ironman 70.3! That’s a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run on October 28th – in under 8 hours. That means I have less than 12 weeks left until the big day and i’ve been training like a mad man every day trying to get my endurance up.

Why do an Ironman 70.3?
A few reasons:
1) Because I can (you never know the future and I may not be able to)
2) I feel I can push myself to a new fitness level i’ve never been before
3) I want to try a full Ironman next year (so I can call myself an Ironman!)

We’ll see how it goes!