Week 2: 11/13/2011

Body Fat Index: 24.5% (-2%)
Weight: 251.5 lb (-3.5)
# of Workouts (past week): 4 (-1)

Taking creatine in the morning and after workout
Taking multivitamin in morning
Taking protein shake in the morning (1/2 serving) and after work out (whole serving)

Average heart rate during cardio: 165-175
Average cardio time per workout: 1 hour
Average lifting time per workout: 50 minutes
Average daily calorie intake: 1500 – 1750

Breakfast: Oat meal with skim milk (+ protein)
Snack 1: 1/2 serving of tuna with mayo
Lunch: Different everyday (average 300-700 calories) mostly chicken w/ vegetables
Snack 2:  1/2 serving of tuna with mayo
Dinner: Different everyday (average  200 – 400 calories) mostly roasted turkey subs (no cheese w/ lots of vegetables)

I was concerned last week that my weight had not gone down from the week before. I attributed this to starting the creatine supplement as it retains water on your muscles, and I am assuming that assumption is correct as I’ve lost 3.5 lb’s in the past week. I need to try and maintain 5 days a week though, as this past week I only did 4. Muscles are starting to show, pecks are tightening and fat in breasts has reduced significantly.