Damn my backs lookin’ good

Im still sitting around 18% BF – because im using the Omron scanner it isn’t really accurate so it can literally fluctuate a lot. Lowest ive seen it is 17.4% and highest is 19.0% so im just going to guess im still hovering around 18% bf. My weight shot back up a lot over the past week and a half since I started bulking (sitting at around 225), so i’ve added about 5lb’s of muscle. I was amazed at the cut in my back so i snapped a picture to share lol.



I’ve been ridiculously busy with work and preparing for a speech at a major tech conference down here in south Florida so haven’t had time to post on here, nor as much time to spend at the gym. Today marks my first day being back to bulking (YAY!). 5 weeks of cutting has brought me down to 18% body fat and 220lb’s. I’ve reevaluated my target weight so my new target is at most 200, though it may not be bad being less than that depending on the muscle mass. Ill start posting again every sunday, so see ya in a few days =)

Orange Theory Fitness Review

So I have completed my first four classes at OTF, since it opened on Saturday, and figured I would write a small review on it as well as a small update on myself in general. Link to OTF: http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/


Orange Theory fitness is a gym that only has classes and they run from early in the morning (5:30am) to about late (7 or 8pm). The classes are an hour long and is basically HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – which is fast becoming a popular means of exercising. The other kicker for OTF, and it’s where it gets its name from, is the fact that they wirelessly monitor your heart rate throughout the hour long class. You wear a strap over your chest plate and attach a wireless heart rate monitor to it. There are two large screens on the walls for you to look at your current heart rate. Where they want you is in the “Orange Zone”, or level 4, which is your “anaerobic zone” or where your heart rate is about 80 to 90 percent of its max. They want you in this zone for about 10 to 20 minutes, and the rest of the time in the 3rd zone: your aerobic zone. (70 to 80 percent). At the end of class you can see your summary of what you did so you can see how many minutes you were in the different zones.

The class is split up into two 30 minute sections: rowing/weights and treadmill. As the class is HIIT based, the rowing and free weights is basically lower weight with high reps (cutting instead of bulking), and the treadmill is up and down every minute or 2 depending on if you are resting at your “base” speed, pushing, or doing all outs.


My opinion on the entire thing? It’s cool and can definitely be effective if your goal is to lose weight, cut, or gain endurance. If you want to bulk, then this is definitely not the most effective place to be as by the end of the class you are probably in a catabolic state (unless you use intra-workout supps). Although they, the trainers, tell you where they want you, they dont really push you to be there. Thats fine for me because I push myself to death as is already, and it should be ok for most other people, but for others that are a lot less motivated you may not be making the most of the workout. Speaking of working myself to death, the first two classes I wound up going home and puking because of how much I pushed it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go that hard initially of course. The classes have really helped my endurance already quite a bit – its actually kind of amazing. I had class this morning and then decided to go out in the afternoon and ran about 6 miles in about an hour. I could not have done that a week ago for sure.

All-in-all I would definitely recommend trying it out as it seems to be very effective for what it sets out to do. It’s going to be more expensive than a regular gym (like LA Fitness/24 Hour Fitness) but having to register for classes will keep most people motivated to going, and it is a great and effective work out.

Some of my stats from class:
“Base” speed:  6.0 mph (unless theres a major incline)
Pushes: 8.0mph (” “)
All outs: 10.0mph (” “)
For inclines I drop about 2mph for everything as that is what kills me the most.
Average rowing distance/speed: 1500 meters/32
Average time in zone 2/3/4/5 (minutes):  2/47/10/1

Personal Update

I cycled off of my creatine supps (jack3d/anabolic halo) and they have been replaced by a non-creatine based pre called Cardio Cuts by NDS Nutrition. I absolutely love this new supp for energy and focus though the taste is quite bad. Ive gone through my isopure whey isolate and through a can of GNC’s whey isolate, and am now on “Six Star Whey Isolate Elite Series.” No real noticeable difference between any of them except isopure is definitely the best tasting, haha. the GNC isolate was absolutely terrible in taste. The six star has the highest amount of protein per serving (at a whopping 30g per scoop), and ironically its also the cheapest (at $20/1.5lbs @ Walmart).

Ill be posting my weekly update tomorrow so check back for my latest results. =)

Week 9: 1/7/2012

Quick update today:

Body fat: 21.4%
Weight: 238 lb

I started throwing in some mouy thai (kickboxing) into my cardio recently – about 20 minutes of good kicking, punching, etc which turns out to be really fun and a GREAT workout. I also am off of the elliptical and am now on the treadmill (I guess my knees can hold up now without all of the weight, hehe). I do a 2/2/1/1 routine for about 24 minutes, that is 2 minutes slow (4 mph), 2 medium (6 mph), 1 high (7 mph), back to 1 medium (6 mph), and then I repeat the process two more times. According to the treadmill I burn about 400 calories from it.

Im still taking the same supplements, but I will be cycling off of everything this saturday as my “cutting” phase kicks in for the competitions i’m in. It’s going to be really sad not having jack3d ='( I’ve grown to love it. I did get a new pre called Cardio Cut (from the makers of ACG3) and that has no creatine in it and is strictly a high energy/fat burner/CLA enriched supp. I’ll be on that for 6 weeks during the duration of one of the competitions, and half of the other competition. I will win!!!

Holidays and Current Status

It’s been hard getting time to get on here to log my stats, but now that the holiday season is over (finally!) I can find some time to do this. It’s been a rough month in terms of working out, eating healthy, and keeping my momentum going. Of the 4 weeks that have passed i’ve lost 1.5% body fat, which is not bad considering I was averaging 0.5% a week anyways. Though my weight hasn’t changed much since the last weigh in.

Current body fat: 22%
Current weight: 239 lb

I’ve been pretty much doing a lot more bulking, and not a lot of cardio (if I am pressed for time ill do weights over cardio).

My supplement intake has changed quite a bit as well as my diet.

Multivitamin: Animal Pak on training days, OneADay multi on off days
Other vitamin: GNC fish oil capsules every day
Pre-workout: USP Labs Jack3d (between 1 and 2 scoops, 5 days a week)
Post-workout: MuscleTech Anabolic Halo (2 scoops, 5 days a week)
Protein: Isopure Whey Protein Isolate

My diet is mainly a lot of chicken, tuna, broccoli, and brown rice. I consume around 200g of protein a day, a little over 200g of carbs, and about 2600 calories in total.

There is a new gym opening up where I live for a fitness program called Orange Theory and I signed up for it. The gym opens on Jan 14th and I also signed up for a 6 week transformation contest with a grand prize of $7500 ($2500 locally, and $5000 nationally). I figured the 6 weeks would be a great opportunity to cycle off of my pre- and post- workout supplements, as well as to switch from bulking to cutting.

At the same time that contest starts I will also be starting the bodybuilding.com transformation contest which is 12 weeks long. The grand prize for that is like $25,000 plus a bunch of other great things so a good incentive (though me looking and feeling great is the biggest incentive).

Ill be back to logging every week so catch ya in a few days on my next weigh-in.

Week 4: 11/27/2011

Body Fat Index: 23.5% (-0.5%)
Weight: 244 lb (-4)
# of Workouts (past week): 3 (-1)

Taking creatine half an hour before workout only
Taking multivitamin in morning
Taking protein shake only after work out (whole serving)

Average heart rate during cardio: 170-175
Average cardio time per workout: 30 minutes
Average lifting time per workout: 2 hours
Average daily calorie intake: 1700 – 2000

Breakfast: Oat meal with skim milk or small bowl of regular cheerios
Snack 1: 1/2 serving of tuna with lite mayo
Lunch: Different everyday (average 300-700 calories) mostly roasted turkey subs (no cheese w/ lots of vegetables)
Dinner: Different everyday (average  300 – 400 calories) mostly tuna with lite mayo

This past week I didn’t work out as much due to the holidays and black friday shopping. Kind of disappointed with that, but at the same time I still lost a lot of weight, though I only went down .5% body fat again. Next week is going to be disappointing as well since I will be in Atlanta all week on a business trip. I plan on doing as much exercise as I can using my own body weight in my hotel room – pushups, sit ups, etc. – to get me through.