I will be updating this page whenever I change my supplementation routine so be sure to check back!

  • Muscle Milk Chocolate: My protein of choice – tastes amazing, balanced macros, and cheap. I use chocolate in all my shakes.
  • Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme: Same as above, except I use vanilla to make protein pancakes which are delicious!
  • CytoGainer: In case I didn’t hit my calorie count for the day I supplement with this gainer. Tastes awesome – kind of like Muscle Milk but richer.
  • SizeOn: Awesome intra-workout that pumps protein peptides and creatine into my muscle.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: I take 10mg on training days (5mg before, 5mg after), and 5mg on off days. Creatine is an essential supplement for bodybuilding.
  • Animal Pak: The one true “multi”vitamin. Only taken on training days (post training)
  • Shift: One of the few thermogenics I take, I find it’s actually pretty useful (but don’t depend on it).
  • Gut Health: A worthy investment when you eat a lot and may not get enough fiber during the day. Definitely makes you regular.
  • Green Tea Extract: Shown to increase thermogenesis and polyphenols are very healthy. Also I get most of my caffeine from this, with only a rare cup of coffee.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: The only non steroid supplement thats been proven to increase testosterone in younger males (20’s and 30’s). Most other T-boosters rely on studies done on menopausal women or in-vitro.

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